A Guide to Buying Bath and Body Works

Hello all and welcome to my new site!

I wanted to get the ball rolling with a topic I get asked about all the time which is “How do I get Bath and Body Works in Australia?” – so if you want to know more, read on 🙂

First and foremost, I want to highlight something very important: candles are heavy! It seems like common knowledge but when you get stung with international shipping fees, you’ll realise why this is often overlooked. They’re big, they’re heavy, and big/heavy things aren’t cheap to ship! So please keep this in mind before proceeding.

  1. Where do I buy my candles? I purchase direct from http://www.bathandbodyworks.com and ship using a forwarding service. This is the best way if you’re buying a fair few items (3 candles, some soaps, lotions etc). If you want one candle, try eBay – it will work out way cheaper and will likely arrive fast (if buying from an Aussie re-seller).
  2. How do you get them from the US to here? Unfortunately the US site doesn’t ship internationally. They do, however, accept international payment. I use  forwarding service called ComGateway (www.comgateway.com). There are tonnes of forwarding service options so find one that works best for you! I find comgateway easy to understand, you get express shipping for free if you buy with them 3 times, and you don’t pay yearly fees. So I make my purchase from the website, direct the package to the US address i’m given from ComGateway, and then forward the package from the US to myself!
  3. Is it expensive? How much does it cost? Expensive? Yes. As mentioned prior, international shipping isn’t cheap with heavy items. BUT when I buy in bulk (and I mean 20 candles at a time) it works out to be cheaper than buying individually. I always always always email comagateway and pay an extra few dollars to have extra padding added to my order. It adds 2 days on top of your wait, and $5, but the amount of candles I have had arrive smashed, it’s worth it. The cost of your box varies all the time. I can’t tell you an exact price because shipping services use weight and also box dimensions to determine price, so either of those could vary. Your best bet is to start small to get an idea!
  4. What about Bath Body & Home in Australia? If you’re yet to hear of them, we have an Aussie re-seller here called Bath, Body & Home. The reason I don’t use them is because they aren’t reliable. 3 times this year, their store has closed for 1-3 month periods with no reason. I find that really frustrating when I want to make a purchase, or ask their social media team what products they’ll be getting, and 3 months later they reply. If they happen to be up and running, and have a product you want, then buy! You’ll get your item fairly fast & safe. But for me personally, the variety is limited, very behind the US time schedule, and again it’s just cheaper for me to bulk buy.

Tips and tricks for buying:

Wait for the sale! The candles go on sale for 2 for $24 USD every other week. You’ll save a TONNE of money!

Google coupons! There are ALWAYS coupons floating around! 20% off, free shipping, free items, you name it! You can pair these with the website sales for more savings!

Get on the mailing list! Sign up to the B&BW news letter to get previews and coupons to your inbox!

Group order! Order with a few friends to maximise savings to start with! If you split shipping and pick a candle or two each, you’ll be well on your way to trying a few!

Watch reviews! Read blogs, hop on youtube, check insta, people review these candles! It’ll help you know what it smells like before it reaches your door and also if it’s a repackage of something you already own (B&BW do that a LOT).

Happy shopping and best of luck! I’ll answer any questions in the comments below.


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