Glasshouse Rendez-Vous – Limited Edition Valentines Day Candle (2016)


Hello again and happy new year!

With the new year comes new excuses to buy candles, and even if you don’t have a significant other, I recommend buying Valentines Day candles anyway. Why? Let me tell you why:

  1. You get a new candle
  2. They’re always pretty smelling
  3. You get a new candle
  4. Treat yo self
  5. Candles

If that hasn’t convinced you, the fact that they’re limited edition is usually the hook. All good things go with time, and candles aren’t excluded from that – they sell out, fast. So screw waiting around for Mr Right to turn up on your doorstep with that candle you have been eyeing off, the time is nigh!

That’s exactly why I went out and bought several of the new Glasshouse “Rendez-Vous” candle that they released for Valentines Day! That and my man won’t buy me candles as he says it “fuels my unnecessary addiction”.. psssht.

This candle is just gorgeous! So lets run through its features quickly.

Packaging: 10/10

That’s right, 10/10. I am dying over how gorgeous this candle looks! It’s in their classic glasshouse jar but its been covered in gold. It looks so luxe and adds a really nice element to home décor. It also minimises the ugly candle syndrome that some candles get as they burn down (soot, discoloured wax etc) because all you see is pretty, luminescent gold and light flickering out.

The box has also been done really nicely, with a pink marble effect and gold studded trimming, but that’s not all. When you happen to be at your favourite Glasshouse stockist next, feel the box. It has a very subtle, almost velvet texture to it which is just divine!

All in all, this candle screams elegance and luxury, but still has a distinct softness to it. It’s such a lovely design, not too in-your-face or tacky which a lot of Valentines Day products tend to look.

Scent Appeal: 8/10

For me personally, I usually stray away from overly perfume-y candles or with really heavy florals. Don’t get me wrong, I love florals, but as a general rule I prefer my candles to be fresh and fruity above all. This candle is very perfume-y.

The scent description reads: You’re invited to share in a scandal, an endless obsession. Experience the excitement of a secret rendez-vous with the alluring blend of Orchid, Sugar Cane and indulgent Amber. RSVP essential. Honestly, sometimes I am a bit iffy with Glasshouses Amber. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. But when I saw this scent online I expected it to be a fair bit lighter than it is.

I really pick up on all 3 key notes, the orchid is most certainly prominent and I quite like it. But if you haven’t had a chance to smell it yet, my best description is “high end ladies perfume”. It smells as if your very rich aunt might wear this scent to your family brunch (yeah, I know, candle companies should hire me for my descriptions) but it is quite nice. If you don’t like heavy perfume scents or musky florals, you’ll probably want to step away from this, but as one of those people *usually* I can say you might be surprised and find you enjoy this one like myself.

Candle Performance: 8/10

Like most glasshouse candles I own, this one performs exceptionally well. I haven’t burnt right through one yet but so far it’s all green lights.

The wax pool has been even and great for the time length it burns for (not too fast not too slow) and I haven’t had any wicks drowning.

The wicks have held upright and centred, with minimal trimming needed. There is sooting for me, but all my glasshouse candles do that if I burn them too long, and honestly I don’t mind. A quick wipe with paper towel and you wouldn’t know! (And as mentioned above, the jar is opaque so it’s a lot less noticeable).

The scent throw is about a 7/8 out of 10. I find it takes a little bit to get going but when it does, the scent fills a moderate size room. Florals are notoriously lighter in scent than some other fragrances but this one performs very well and you can most certainly smell it when you walk about the house!

Price: 8/10

You might consider that a high rating for something that is quite pricey (yes, $44.95 for one candle is definitely pricey) BUT I always consider value for money. There are a lot of expensive candles that just don’t do their job, and I am happy to pay over $40 for a candle that is consistent and good quality. All of my glasshouse candles are considered good investments to me because I know that the brand as a whole perform well.

I only took off two points due to the price rise (limited edition candles are $2 more than their standard range) but again, $2 for a really luxurious product isn’t the end of the world.


Overall: 8/10

This candle really is stunning, from presentation to scent to performance. I am really impressed with it and I’m glad I nabbed more than one! Don’t wait until Feb 13th to run out and buy this, get in early and stash it away because once they’re gone, they aren’t coming back.

If you’d like to see a comparison from this years Valentines Day candle and last years, comment below and I will make it happen!

Happy shopping!





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