Watermelon Lemonade | Bath and Body Works Candle Review

Hello & welcome back!

I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday’s (if it is Sunday where you are) – be it a lazy de-stress day, or a productive do-stuff day like myself.

Today I want to chat to you about a Bath and Body works staple candle. It was the first scent from them that I ever owned and I think everyone needs this! Let’s talk Watermelon Lemonade!

Scent: 10/10

This scent is my go-to for Summer (and spring.. and winter/autumn). The best way I can realistically explain this scent is Pink Starburst Chews (specifically the chews/lollipops) – it’s sweet, a little sour, and smells edible. This is by no means a true watermelon scent, but gosh darn is it delicious!

Availability: 10/10

The reason I mention availability is because Bath and Body Works run off seasonal collections. Sometimes, a scent comes back 8-10 times, sometimes you see it once and it’s gone for good. Watermelon Lemonade without fail returns every year! Be it summer or spring, at least one (sometimes two or three) collection releases it with new packaging. It’s super easy to get a hold of once you decide you love it (and you will) which I really like. As much as I love the exclusivity of owning “rare” candles from old collections, I also love when I can consistently purchase a favourite scent year after year.


Packaging: –

I’m not going to rate this as this candle releases in a different colour/label every time it comes out. Some of them are super fun and cute, others are a bit meh, but it’s totally personal as to which one you love! the good thing is though all versions smell the same, the scent remains consistent so if you particularly like one style of packaging, it will be the same quality as the rest.

Burn Performance: 8/10

I rate this fairly high because every one I’ve owned has been great. Most of my B&BW candles perform well, with the occasional flop, but Watermelon Lemonade is usually great. It burns evenly all the way down, with no sooting. The scent throw is a solid 8/9 out of 10, and always fills the house. I’ve never had any notable issues with these candles bar that some of the newer ones burn really fast and require extra wick maintenance.

Price: 9/10

Bath and Body Works candles are great value for the price we pay. In the U.S people can pick these up cheap as chips, but even with the dollar exchange rate, international shipping fees, and the price of the candle, they still work out extremely well for myself.

If you wait for a 2/$24 sale, apply a 20% off coupon ( or other coupons, but that one is always floating around ) and buy in relatively bigger amounts, you’ll pay anywhere between $20-$30 AUD for each candle (including intl. freight). For a candle that looks good, smells amazing, and performs well (while lasting long) that’s great value! We can pay anywhere up to and above twice that amount for an Australian made candle which may or may not perform as well.

I always recommend hopping on eBay and picking up just one or two to start with because it’s significantly cheaper, but if you know you love B&BW and you’re ready to haul, go direct from the website and save the money! (I have a full post about that here)

Overall: 9/10

This candle is such a fun and delicious scent! The majority of people I know love it, whether they’re big fruity fans or not – this is a crowd pleaser. It’s always available somewhere and is easy to find! I’ve recommended this candle to a lot of friends and family who ended up loving it and Bath and Body Works candles from then onwards, so if you’re looking for somewhere to start, I suggest this!


Comment below if you want any specific scents reviewed and I will do my best to make it happen! P.s stay tuned for a giveaway in the coming month or so! (Shh, it’s a secret, but it’s totally Bath and Body Works related..)

Happy candle burning!


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