Glasshouse x Peter Alexander ‘Vanilla Frosting’ Review!

Hello everyone and welcome back!

This week I have a review on the Peter Alexander x Glasshouse collaboration candle ‘Vanilla Frosting’. This one is a limited edition scent (that is still available) that you can purchase in store or online at Peter Alexander.

Keep reading to hear my thoughts on the candle, and let me know what you’d like reviewed next!


Scent: 8/10

You might sniff this in store and think “well, it sure is vanilla” but it’s such a delicious vanilla! If I were to rate it on my sliding scale of vanillas, it would be right in the middle of cupcake vanilla and vanilla bourbon. This has a certain richness to it that a lot of vanilla scented products miss the mark on. It doesn’t smell at all fake, but leans towards the vanilla essence smell you get in bakery icing. The name vanilla frosting is a really true depiction, and I recommend it if you like sweet scents that aren’t boring but aren’t over the top.

Scent Throw: 7/10

It’s kind of obvious to me why this isn’t quite as strong as some of my glasshouse holy grails – it’s vanilla. It’s strong for vanilla scented products across different companies, but they never quite throw as hard as fruity or warm scents. It’s just the nature of vanilla candles really, they aren’t made to stink your house out otherwise they would lose the light and airy smell to the actual scent they give off. That being said, this still well and truly fills a moderate sized room!

Availability: 8/10

This candle is available at all Peter Alexander stores and their website (click here) until sold out. The reason this only gets an 8 is because I’m really glad it’s online and in-store, but because it’s a PA x Glasshouse exclusive, you can’t find it in all David Jones stores like you can their regular lines. There are a lot of stores around, and if you blind candle buy online like I do, then you’ll be fine, but I do love the David Jones availability (and a million other stockists).

Packaging: 7/10

I loooove the box for this candle! It’s super sweet, an ice cream with sprinkles like design. And I do like the little label/swing tag too! However, I must say I am a fan of their candles in limited edition glass (PA exclusives never seem to come in different coloured glass to my knowledge). I think this is definitely suited to the vanilla theme and I know they can’t make up new glass for every release, however I would have loved to see a slightly more opaque white glass with some little pastel sprinkles on it – just ‘cause.


Burn Performance: 9/10

Glasshouse always burn well, I’m yet to find a real disappointment. Realistically, all of their line should burn well so long as you follow the care guide. This one is no different; good throw, even burn, great melt pool – I’ve had no obvious issues with it! Paraffin wax does tend to burn a little quicker and hotter but the burn is clean and I get no more soot than a soy wax candle when I leave it on a little long!

Price: 8/10

Limited Edition candles bring Limited Edition pricing. I have no qualms paying extra for good quality, so Glasshouse pricing has never bothered me. I do wish it would stay at $42.95 instead of the $4 jump (especially when the glass isn’t any different) but it is to be expected and is consistent in all of their collections so I was prepared for it!


Overall: 8/10

Overall, another happy Glasshouse purchase! I’m never really disappointed in their products and this one is no different. I’m a big fan of the scent for this candle, and straight vanillas aren’t usually my first choice. If you’re looking for a gift for someone (or yourself hint hint) who you aren’t quite sure about in regards to scent taste, go for this one! It’s a very versatile scent that I guarantee a majority of people will love, even if you can’t go in store for a sniff. Be sure to check it out and let me know your thoughts!


Thank you for reading and please comment below if you have any suggestions on content you’d like to see or companies/candles you’d like reviewed!


One thought on “Glasshouse x Peter Alexander ‘Vanilla Frosting’ Review!

  1. Versace

    I love this candle so much. You’re 100% right… Everyone is so disappointed that this candle isn’t intensely strong, but you CAN’T do that to a light and airy vanilla scent! Vanilla needs to be delicate, not overwhelming with power.


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