Event Review – In Conversation with Roxy Jacenko

Hello all and happy Sunday!

I know this isn’t a candle post, but this blog deals with beauty and lifestyle too, which naturally goes hand in hand with PR. Moving forward, I had the opportunity to go to Roxy Jacenkos seminar recently and I wanted to share my experience with you. Keep on reading to hear about everything from the venue, to the content, to the goodie bags!

(Photos were taken from the event album posted by Sweaty Betty PR – all credit goes to their photographer)


I picked up my tickets in the second release wave, so they cost me $180 + a $28 booking fee ($208 spent all up). I feel this is reasonable and honestly, the average for most seminars.

Not only are you paying for her appearance and knowledge, but also food, goodie bags (for 650 people), and venue, so it’s very reasonable in that regard. I’m in no way saying it’s cheap, but good value for money in my opinion.



The event was held at the Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney. It was a 5-10 min walk from Wynyard train station and very easy to find. There was also a multitude of taxis and hire cars out front should you need one!

In terms of venue, the actual event was held in the main ballrooms 1&2. The whole hotel is absolutely luxurious but the downstairs waiting room and ballrooms were just divine. We were entertained with a light breakfast in the mezzanine / waiting area, and then ushered in about 30 mins prior to the event started to choose our seats. The hotel staff were lovely (as well as the event staff) and the set up was well planned. It was not crazy crowded during the breakfast and there was room to move around.

The Actual Event/Content:

Roxy herself is almost surreal in her appearances at things. She remains very down to earth but is very well spoken and is almost larger than life at times.

Roxy was joined by Alison Rice from the Allure team (Editor at PopSugar) who acted as her ‘interviewer’. She had a series of questions that Roxy answered, but she also had some input on the responses/conversation herself. They both sat on either side of a small coffee table and the conversation went back and forth between them both.

Roxy covered all things from Digital Media, PR, Being a Publicist, how Social Media affects PR, and Social Media and Business Management in general. It was a very well thought out range of topics that flowed in to one another. Roxy answered a lot of the questions that I’m sure a lot of us were thinking about in our heads.

I really enjoyed how honest they both were about the reality of the PR world and digital media. Roxy wasn’t afraid to be truthful in her responses (swear words too!) and I appreciated learning about everything from that honest perspective. It was a very eye-opening workshop for a lot of people and I enjoyed it thoroughly.


The Gift Bags:

Because, everyone wants to know about what you *get* (including me, I am one of those people!)

It’s of no surprise to me that the Queen of PR has the best in gift bags! She has a LOT of contacts who can provide free and discounted gifts for events. The actual bag itself was worth $150 (which is the majority of the ticket cost in value) and every single person got a gift bag, a notebook and a doughnut time doughnut on their chair.


These things were HUGE and HEAVY! They included water, tea, makeup (lipstick and eyeshadows), fake tan, nail polish, cosmetic tools like sponges, tampons, hair bands, Lush shower gel, and so so many promo codes, discounts and other products! It was kind of ridiculous, in a great way. Apart from the obvious value in the event itself, this certainly helped me to feel as if I spent $200 well.


A Summary of Key Points:

This event can’t really be summarised well, you need to be there to experience it all, but here were a few key points I wrote down;

  • Work the business – just because you own it, it doesn’t mean you can be any less involved.
  • Never let anyone respond to a clients email before you, a 24hr response rate is too long, think 3 minutes.
  • Do your research, know your clients and your audience well.
  • Don’t stop at the bench mark. Think “that was really good, but, it could have been better”.
  • The show must go on! Be prepared to forgo social commitments because the media does not wait.
  • One should always aim for memorable experience. Think well ahead of anyone in your industry and be prepared to go the extra mile to have a unique and memorable experience for your clients/customers.
  • Be prepared to sacrifice time to make the business work. You want, you work.
  • Don’t post or do campaigns for the sake of it – produce less but better quality content. Simple ideas are more effective if executed well!

That’s all for today my lovely readers!

I’m so very thankful to Roxy and her team for the showstopper of a seminar that they hosted. It was a very interesting day and I learnt a lot. I’d also like to say a big thankyou to all the sponsors and the Shangri-La for working so hard and providing so much. Taking her own advice, Roxy and her team provided a unique and memorable experience.

There will be a scent of the week post coming in addition to this one, so don’t fret! Enjoy your Sundays everyone.





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