20 Facts About Me!

Happy Sunday lovely readers! Tonight I’m starting with a 20 Facts About Me post to re-introduce myself to you all since it has been a long time since I used this site!

I hope you enjoy learning a little about me, and please, do leave a comment below with a fact about YOU so I can learn something new about you all too.

1. I started burning candles when I was about 14, due to my mum loving them too! However, they were all from the dollar shops because I didn’t know much more than the good old $2 Green Apple pillar candle. We all start somewhere.

2. I have a beautiful niece Hayley and a gorgeous nephew Dave, and while I’d love to share photos of them all day every day – mum and dad said no photos online so I respect that (while holding a grudge). They’re the little loves of my life!

3. My other little love (besides the rest of my family) is my kitten Peaches! Little Peaches was found abandoned, crying in the rain on the side of the road. Due to the FHV-1 she contracted, as well as being severely malnourished and having a terrible flea infection, Peaches lost her eyesight. The amazing vet team have been able to build it up to 70% vision but she will remain with cloudy corneas and partially blind. She’s a beautiful little baby who I wouldn’t trade for the world!

4. My other obsession as well as candles is makeup! I started wearing eyeliner that rivalled Jack Sparrows when I turned 13 and I sparked an obsession that just hasn’t slowed! My biggest love besides liquid liner, are lipsticks, and I will wear literally any shade.
5. Some of my closest friends I met through beauty blogging and more recently through SL! This really started to kick off when a group of us formed InstaBeautyAU which really was an amazing support community for things online and offline. I wouldn’t trade them all for the world.
6. My favourite season is winter! I hate being hot and sweaty when I can be cosy and wear scarves! Nothing is better than curling up under a blanket on a cold morning, and nothing will convince me otherwise.
7. I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth! I love candy of any type and I love to bake sweets and desserts. I maintain that it’s good for the soul!
8. I love any kind of themed event and holidays, but my favourite is Halloween. I love to face paint and I love everything about Halloween (especially in the US). This also ties in to fact 7 about loving candy!
9. Aside from avid candle buying & burning (I own well over 120 large jar candles currently) I also used to make them! Which is probably why I’m so picky about them, because I know all about the way they should burn and why. I somehow convinced my man to let me have a girl cave where I have two shelves of candles and my vanity!
10. Another hobby of mine is reading! Not nearly as much as Sam from She Writes About It (hey girl) but I love a good fiction! One of my favourite series is the Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, and so far, I’m enjoying the Netflix series they made of it!
11. My favourite cocktail is the Blue Hawaiian, and my favourite place to drink them is Da Big Kahuna in Waikiki because they serve them in fish bowls 🍹
12. I work in social media management and digital marketing, doing content creation and procurement (as well as managing the accounts) for 7 brands in-house. I also do all the social media marketing! I absolutely love my job and wouldn’t want to do anything else (at least at this point in time).
13. I am addicted to V energy drinks! I do drink the occasional coffee, but energy drinks are my jam. I know, super terrible for you, buuuuuut so delicious and I love them!
14. Instagram is my favourite social platform! I’m a visual person so I love all the gorgeous imagery. However, I’ve taken a liking to twitter lately for all the hilarity!
15. I love to go to markets, especially beach side markets! I’m a strong believer in supporting small business which you often see at markets, plus you always find something super cute to pick up! If there is somewhere I can drop some serious cash, it’s at a market.
16. I’m a white wine gal, but my favourite wine of all is the Hunter Blue by Dayton’s Winery! It’s a white that has been coloured blue (one of my favourite colours) to stand out from the crowd a little in such a large wine region. A bottle of wine and a cheese platter is absolutely one of my favourite combos on a Sunday afternoon with friends or family.
17. My partner and I have been together for 6 years, and obviously, I like him (just a little). He’s absolutely the hardest worker I’ve ever met and constantly pushes me to be the best person I can be. I wouldn’t be where I am without him.
18. My mum, dad and sister are my absolute world! There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them and I’m so thankful every day that I got blessed with such an amazing family.
19. I used to work for the government. It wasn’t the most interesting job but wow, the abuse from customers! I’ve never been called such creative names or copped quite that much abuse in my life. It really gave me a new perspective of the public and their expectations of government worker, and I absolutely try to be super nice to government workers now!
20. I would love to go back to Europe! I’m half French and I absolutely loved France the last time I went, and I can’t wait to go back (and Italy, and Switzerland and, well, everywhere)!

Have an amazing week to follow and be sure to let me know what you’d like to read next.

All my love,


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