My Current Wishlist

Hello all and happy Sunday!

This week I am going to chat to you about the candles I am currently lusting after. I know what you’re thinking.. “K, do you really need MORE candles?!” Well, the answer is no, but I want them and I am going to spend this post justifying why not only I should buy them, but why you should too.

If you like this kind of chit-chat content, let me know, I could go on about everything I want to buy all day. If there’s something else you want to read, comment below!

Glasshouse Candles

It should come as no surprise that I have a few Glasshouse wants. I think I always will until I own them all! At this time though, there are only two I am really looking to pick up.

The first being Saigon, a gorgeous lemongrass scent. If you’re anything like me, you burn candles when you want, regardless of season. I love winter in general (you know that if you read my last post) but I don’t always love the house smelling like a cinnamon stick. I love to keep it fresh and bright in Winter too, just for a change of pace. 

The second being Florence. I picked this up in its original release of limited edition packaging, and it was the only candle I ever complained to them about. It smelt GORGEOUS but the performance was a total flop for me with the original and the replacement. So I am hoping in its re-release that they managed to work out the kinks and are releasing the delicious fragrance but with better performance!

Circa Home

At the moment, there is only one currently available that I want to pick up (well, right now anyway, I’d love to own them all) and that is Pear and Lime. Again, another fresh fragrance for the cooler months but Circa have really done a great job on the pear note in this one so that is the main hook for me.

The other honourable mention is Raspberry and Rhubarb which is a limited edition from last year. It’s gone from everywhere and I am on my last one so I want more! I won’t be able to pick it up, so really, this is just a plea to Circa to please bring it back!!

Be Enlightened

Be Enlightened is a brand I talk about a lot, but I kind of consider them a bit of a hidden gem. They are by no means a small brand, but they don’t have a huge online presence and they’re not quite as well known as some of the mammoth companies in Australia so not enough people know about them yet for me to stop constantly talking about them. Again, I want the whole dang line of candles, but the one in my eye currently is Elegant Gardenia. I have no other reasoning than I love gardenia. That’s it. I want it.

Palm Beach

I don’t really own much of Palm Beach Collection (I think maybe one or two) and I couldn’t tell you why I don’t have more. But I know for sure that the Inflorescence candle (a collab with Greenhouse Interiors) is on my hit list. It’s a leafy green, floral blend that brings the garden indoors and is perfect for those of us that don’t want to leave the house but want to experience the world outside. (From my bed, in my pyjamas). 


Dusk can be a little hit and miss for candles with me, but their Grandiflora line really brought the love back for me. I adore, however, their diffusers and technology lines because they’re just so innovative and work really well! (I just picked up a USB fragrance diffuser, you’ll be hearing all about that soon). That being said, their Fresh Tuberose from the Artisan line is really speaking to me and I think I will have to pick one up!

Mary Grace Store

This isn’t so much of a specific candle I want, I just want to try something from them! I keep seeing them on my personal socials and they have really caught my eye, so I intend on picking something up from them in the near future. Have you bought from them before? If so, give me some recommendations!

Well, that is all for now! I am certain there are 100 others I want but these are the main lust haves right now. Do you have anything you think I would like? Comment below! I love to hear about different brands and what you like about them! And if you want reviews on any of the above scents, please let me know.


Have an amazing week!

All my love,


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