Event in Review: Minding Her Business

Hello all and happy Sunday!

This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to attend Minding Her Business’ first Sydney event! MHB is all about women in business, entrepreneurs and just generally being a girl boss, so my curiosity was immediately piqued. Today, I’ll be telling you all about the MHB event and whether I think it is worth attending in your home state!

(Photos were taken from the event albums posted by MHB – all credit goes to their photographers and will be noted below where possible)


I picked up my tickets just a week and a bit before the event (I missed the early bird pricing) so mine came in at $179. Not dissimilar from when I went to In Conversation with Roxy Jacenko two years back, and I feel this is the average for most seminars/networking events that I have attended.

Not only are you paying for the panelists and their knowledge, but also food, drinks, goodie bags and a venue. I’m not saying it’s cheap, but good value for money I think.


The event was held at Mrs Sippy in Double Bay. A little bit of a trek for me, but it was a gorgeous venue with lots of street parking available which was great!

Photo by Grant Bailey

The bar itself has several sectioned off areas (and two levels) providing plenty of room for guests, food, and a photo wall! It wasn’t crowded to the point you couldn’t move or be comfortable, but in the main area where the food, bar and speakers were, it was certainly snug.

Probably my only critique of the set up was the lack of seating. It was nice to be able to wander around and socialise/network, but for those in heels, standing for the better part of 3.5 hours wouldn’t have been the most enjoyable. They could probably have used a few more bar stools out and about for people to sit on.

The Food:

Yes, this needs it’s own section because they did an amazing job! On entry, you are greeted with a glass of veuve cliquot (which always goes down beautifully). Inside there was also a bar with a few cocktails available and more champagne!

Photo by Vipasana Roy

What really took the ‘cake’ was the desserts bar. There was an actual doughnut wall, some amazing cake pops, a variety of small desserts and maybe the best brownies I’ve ever had! They really outdid themselves with the team of dessert providers they chose, and an adequate amount for 240 people.

Photos by Vipasana Roy

There was also a table of meats, cheeses and breads – they were delicious, but I think they could have used 3x the amount! When standing around drinking champagne, savoury food goes down really well, and it disappeared within about 10 mins. There were a few trays of hot food going around as well to tide people over for lunch.

Photo by Vipasana Roy

The Actual Event/Content:

The event was created by Katie Stevens and Dani Byrnes to help women Connect, Collaborate and Create. It was a day all about learning and mingling with like minded individuals, and to help achieve that, there were a number of speakers.

First up, hosted by Katie Stevens, were the empowerment panel. The panel consisted of Alyce Tran, co-founder of The Daily Edited; Georgie Stevenson, a successful lifestyle and health influencer; and Ayda Shabanz, a business coach in the real estate industry. Personally, I loved hearing from Alyce the most of the three, but all of them spoke really well and really honestly on their journeys to success. I think it was a great variety of people for the guests to be able to relate to.

Photo by Grant Bailey

After that, there was the headline discussion from PR and business queen Roxy Jacenko. There is never a time I don’t like to hear her talk. During events, podcasts, interviews – it doesn’t matter what or where, I always walk away with new inspiration and drive to work even harder. She is unapologetically honest and transparent, and I love a lady that swears as much as I do! Many people have their opinions of Roxy, but don’t let them fool you, she’s a fantastic woman and maybe one of the hardest working I have seen (yes, I totally want to be her!)

Photo by Grant Bailey

The Gift Bags:

Because, everyone wants to know about what you *get* (of course!)

I did my best to fit all of this in one image, but a lot of the bag comprised of gift vouchers so I couldn’t quite get them all in!

For the price of your ticket, along with event costs, you also walk away with a gift bag valued at $300. As above, the majority were discounts or vouchers but a lot have a really great dollar value saving on the sponsors websites.

While I love discounts like any gal, what I really love are samples! I was stoked to see a Mary Grace lip balm in there (since I wanted to buy that myself) and things such as tea and a full size nail polish too. I will definitely be giving those a try and placing my Daily Edited order shortly!

A Summary of Key Points:

This event can’t really be wrapped up in dot points and honestly, I don’t really want to give it all away because you need to attend the event yourself to truely understand the meaning and the passion behind the notes! Buuut, a couple of things that stood out for me were:

• If you think you’ve made it, you’ve lost it. Never stop trying to do more or be better.

• You need to reply first, always. If you get an email, aim to reply within minutes, because hours or days will be the loss of a deal.

• It’s totally okay to have no business plan! Sometimes, you just have to roll with the concept.

• But, if you need guidance, a business coach is a great option for all business types and sizes! Let someone help you learn from their mistakes to avoid your own.

• Stay authentic and true to yourself and you/your company values. Don’t stray for the sake of money.

• Less is more, produce high-quality, meaningful content less often as opposed to pumping out lesser-quality work for the sake of posting. It’s worth the time investment.

Photo by Grant Bailey

All in all, the event was absolutely worth

the money. The knowledge I gained was

amazing, the food and the atmosphere

was great, and a goodie bag to top it off is

never a bad thing.

The team who organise the event actually

encourage people to go solo and meet new

faces (over half of attendees do!) so don’t

be afraid to step outside your comfort

zone and go alone, you’ll feel extremely


A huge thank you to Katie and Dani for

organising the event (and bringing it to

Sydney), to the speakers for helping us

grow, to Mrs Sippy for the great location

and service, and to all the food providers

and event sponsors who helped make the

day amazing!

Photo by Vipasana Roy

All my love,

Donut wall- @sydneydonutwalls

Cake popsicles- @melissamakescakesnow

Dessert Cups- @mysweetfairysyd

Cookies- @fancy.favours

Brownies- @tj.sprinkle

Wagon wheels- @tj.sprinkle

Cupcakes – @cupcakecharisma_ .

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